What is foil-printing?

What are the advantages of foil printing?

What surfaces can I print on?

How easy is it to set up and use?

What special features make BLOCKMASTER unique?

What is the largest item that can be printed on a BLOCKMASTER?

What does BLOCKMASTER supply?

What happens if I have a problem with my BLOCKMASTER machine?

How can I become a BLOCKMASTER distributor?

How can I contact you?

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 What is foil-printing ? Back to top

Foil printing, also known as gold blocking or hot foil stamping, is the method used to transfer an image through the application of heat and pressure on to a multitude of materials. Foil comes in a vast range of colours and finishes which can be gloss, metallic, pearl, marble, rainbow patterns and even wood grains can be achieved.

Foils, also come in pigmented colours and special effects including holographic patterns and multicolours. Foil comes on standard length rolls and can be cut to any required width. With BLOCKMASTER machines several colours can even be printed simultaneously.



 What are the advantages of foil-printing ? Back to top

Foil printing is unique as it is a dry print process without using ink and the item printed is instantly dry. No messy inks, no smell, no washing up and no waiting time, simply instant results.


 What surfaces can I print on? Back to top


Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Playing Cards, Bookmatches, Menus, Fixture Cards, Rosettes, Invitations, Letterheads, Envelopes, Labels and Tags, Wedding Stationery, Serviettes.


Items made in PVC, ABS, PS, PP, PE, Acrylics, Pens, Rulers, Badges, Price Tickers, Injection moulded components, Dials, Flat surface tipping.


Belts, Bookmarkers, Wallets, Monogramming and Naming books or diaries, 'Socks' for shoes, Coasters.


Wooden articles, Satin ribbon, Artificial Fabric, Electrical and Office machinery parts, Credit Cards, Jewellery Pads, Boxes, Folders, Advertising and Display Items.


  How easy is it to set up and use? Back to top

The machines are very simple and easy to use. An Instruction Manual comes with every machine purchased and BLOCKMASTER also offer full training FREE OF CHARGE at their London Showrooms.


  What special features make BLOCKMASTER unique? Back to top

The toggle action incorporated in BLOCKMASTER machines, allows for uniformity of pressure, ease of operation and ensures that the item being printed and foil being used are visible at all times. BLOCKMASTER machines also have an automatic foil rewinder, foil feed and impression counter. BLOCKMASTER machines can also be used for cutting and creasing.


  What is the largest item that can be printed on a BLOCKMASTER? Back to top

The BLOCKMASTER 8 x 5 has a maximum printing area of 200mm x 125mm and the BLOCKMASTER
5 x 3 , 125mm x 75mm. However, larger size items can be placed on the platen. By using a die mounting plate, the printing areas can be marginally increased.



 What does BLOCKMASTER supply? Back to top

We supply:

• Foils in more than 30 different colours in both metallic and matt finishes
• Special effect foils
• Make ready kits including vertical and horizontal lays for positioning
• Metal mounting of 16g zinc dies to type height
• Die mounting tape
• Aluminium mounting bases cut to any size
• A range of type in a variety of materials and styles in various point sizes
• Slipcases (typeholders) in various widths plus spacers and quads
• Stakatrays (42 compartment type tray with outer sleeve)
• Promotional blank items including, keyfobs, bookmatches, bookmarks, plastic welded products, address books and notepads, plastic credit cards and much more

We offer:

• FREE training and on-going support
• Lifetime after-sales service & full back-up
• The most versatile and easy to use hand-operated hotfoil stamping machines
• 24 hour block making service, including artwork and design facilities
• FREE technical helpline



 What happens if I have a problem with my BLOCKMASTER machine Back to top

BLOCKMASTER offer a full guarantee and a lifetime's after sales service.




 How can I become a BLOCKMASTER distributor Back to top

BLOCKMASTER distributes its machines worldwide. To become a distributor in your area - click here



 How can I contact you? Back to top

You can contact us by post

BLOCKMASTER International Ltd
Lilia House
14 Beresford Avenue
Wembley Middlesex HA0 1YP
United Kingdom

or, by Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7607 6661

or, by Fax: +44 (0) 20 7700 4520

or, by email: