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• Blocking area 8" x 5" / 200 X 125 mm

• Temp control: 50° - 300°C

• Maximum foil pull: 5" / 125mm

• Weight: 63kg

• Width: 16" / 400mm

• Length: 34" / 860mm

• Height: 19" / 480mm
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• Blocking area 5" x 3" / 125 x 75 mm

• Temp control: 50° - 300°C

• Maximum foil pull: 3" / 75mm

• Weight: 26kg

• Width: 11" / 280mm

• Length: 23" / 585mm

• Height: 14" / 355mm
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• BLOCKMASTER 8x5 basic unit including a chase, handle, metal spacing, locking quoin and quoin key

• Die mounting plate (including 5 metres of die mounting tape)

• 1 roll each of double sided adhesive and end stickers

• 1 set of grips and clear PVC for registration

• 1 FREE block mounted type high

• Many optional items

• 5 rolls of 9cm x 122m foil (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 black matt, 1 white matt (or any other standard colour of your choice



BLOCKMASTER hotfoil Blocking machines are the original British made hand operated gold blocking machines with a platen-toggle action - the easiest and most cost-effective machines to use for short, medium or long runs. The BLOCKMASTER hotfoil blocking press is a sophisticated hand platen with unequalled versatility which allows it to tackle a wide range of work.

BLOCKMASTER machines are ideally suited for hotfoil stamping and printing on plastics, leather, paper, wood, cloth etc. The machines can also be used for cutting and creasing.

BLOCKMASTER hotfoil Blocking machines are precision built, extremely versatile, incorporating a fully automatic foil-feed which allows adjustments on the foil pull to the very finest setting, giving maximum accuracy and economy in the use of stamping foils. The unique design makes our machines easy to operate, with the work, foils and dies visible at all times, eliminating guess work when setting up and making ready. Due to the ease of operation, BLOCKMASTER platen hotfoil blocking machines are capable of producing more than 1500 impressions per hour.

All BLOCKMASTER machines have the following:

 Fully automatic foil feed
  Foil rewinder
  Impression counter
  Four pressure adjustment screws
  Impression control screw
 Toggle action for extra pressure
 Thermostatic heat control
  Temperature gauge
 Adjusable lay-gauge
 Voltage 240V or 110V
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Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Wedding Stationery, Playing Cards, Bookmatches, Menus, Fixture Cards, Rosettes, Invitations, Letterheads, Envelopes, Labels and Tags, Serviettes and Paper Bags.


Items made in PVC, ABS, PS, PP, PE, Acrylics, Pens, Rulers, Keyrings, Tax Discs, Badges, Price Tickers, Injection Moulded Components, Dials, Flat Surface Tipping.


Belts, Bookmarks, Wallets, Initialing and Personalisation of Books or Diaries, 'Inner socks' for Shoes, Coasters and Keyrings.


Wooden articles, Satin Ribbon, Artificial Fabric, Electrical and Office machinery parts, Credit Cards, Jewellery Pads, Boxes, Folders, Advertising and Display Items.

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• Hotfoil blocking type including the holders and spacers

• Stacking type tray

• Accessories for hotfoil blocking

• 24 hour block making service including artwork & typesetting

• Blank promotional items

• Ribbon

• Shaped cutters

• Special effect foils including holographic and rainbow

• Bookmatch jig

• Pen jig

• Metallic & matt foil in gold, silver and many other colours cut to your requirement