For more than 40 years, BLOCKMASTER has been making an IMPRESSION on the hotfoil stamping industry with their uniquely designed machine, which has established Blockmaster as leaders in their sector of the market.

BLOCKMASTER units are inherently different from most other blocking machines because a platen toggle system was invented and developed and used in a tabletop hand operated version.

This unique design makes the machinery easy to operate with the item being printed, foil, dies or type visible at all times, eliminating guesswork when setting up and preparing to print. The design also allows for both right and left handed users.

BLOCKMASTER has more than
40 Years of Experience

BLOCKMASTER incorporate as standard, a fully automatic foil rewinder, foil pull and impression counter.

The handle that the operator uses transmits its movements to the platen through a toggle mechanism, which not only speeds up the movement but enables a uniform pressure to be applied effectively and with the minimum of effort. Blocking foils are available in a wide range of colours and finishes including special effect foils from Blockmaster, along with all other necessary supplies.

With BLOCKMASTER more than 1,500 impressions per hour can be realistically achieved and several colours can be printed simultaneously.

Used in a multitude of industries, BLOCKMASTER hotfoil blocking machines can be adapted to practically any article to be imprinted. Since its inception, Blockmaster has sold its machines to more than 60 countries world-wide and is ever expanding its influence in the market.

After 40 years of making machines and supplying foil, dies, type and all the necessary accessories, BLOCKMASTER believes it is safe to say that it knows what is required and how to achieve it.

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The Group Company started in 1957 as Pad Suppliers Ltd manufacturing pads and boxes for the jewellery trade, as indeed they still do, being one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of Jewellery packaging and displays, in the UK today. Part of this process involves foil blocking names and decorative markings onto boxes and liners. By 1964 they were operating at least five blocking machines alongside one that they had designed themselves, and with which they were particularly pleased. A customer visiting their works at about this time saw one of their operators using the "home made" blocking machine and was so impressed by the speed and quality of the work that was being achieved that he virtually demanded to be allowed to buy one for himself. They agreed to make one for him and in so doing laid the foundation of another business, Blockmaster, to run alongside the already successful jewellery box business.

Blockmaster machines are inherently different from most other blocking machines, because the Company were users before they became manufacturers, and had developed a lot of ideas of their own which they were determined to incorporate into the machines they made. Other machines are referred to as "up and down machines", meaning that the platen rises and falls vertically. This didn't work effectively for them, as it meant that the operator could not see the work clearly or even if the foil was feeding properly.

Certainly, when one operates a Blockmaster these problems do not occur.

The unique design makes the machine easy to operate with the foils and dies visible at all times. This eliminates the guesswork when setting up the machine and making ready.

Blockmaster machines are well designed, easy to feed and easy to operate. They are fast as well, more than 1,500 impressions per hour can be realistically achieved.